07 April 2015

To: All Northern Athletics Clubs

England Athletics Consultation Meetings, Spring 2015.

I hope that you are already aware of these meetings that are scheduled to be held across all 9 England regions, during late March to May. (The dates & locations for the Northern events are listed below).

It is important that clubs are represented at these meetings, and that their views on the future strategy and direction of the sport are made known.

Northern Clubs who attended the 2013 and 2014 Annual Open Meetings of Northern Athletics & / or the consultation events held in 2014, should be fully aware of the work done to date to try and secure the future of the 3 Area associations.

To update you all on the current situation: Northern Athletics have been working with the Midlands and South area representatives, and jointly made a formal proposal to the England Athletics Board meeting, in January 2015, that a proportion of the athlete registration fee should be routed directly to the areas to enable their future to be secured. The EA board were unable to agree to the proposal at this stage as they have decided to embark on a strategic planning review of the way they fund the various aspects of the sport. It may well be further influenced once the General election is over and funding from government is agreed.

The consultation events will be a key factor in ensuring that the EA board are made aware of what the member clubs and athletes want to see in that future strategy, and how available funding is allocated.

The NA Executive Board members believe that the proposal submitted to EA reflects what the Northern clubs want, (based upon the survey results and AOM feedback) and will therefore enable the delivery of what the clubs and their athletes in the sport want.

Northern Athletics (the first area likely to run out of reserves) has reviewed the situation – in the light of the EA board decision – and has concluded that with no further funding from them after March 2016 Northern Athletics would be unable to continue beyond March 2018. If our existing sponsorship from Start Fitness was also to cease, then we would have to look at beginning the winding up process in the latter part of 2017. This would mean seeking agreement from the Annual Open meeting in November 2016.

If you support the proposal, and wish to influence England Athletics’ future strategy I would strongly urge you to register & attend one of the consultation meetings to make your views known. Alternatively, if you are unable to attend, please let the NA office know your views which will be collated and forwarded to EA.

Your support would be much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

B Heywood
Chairman, Northern Athletics.

The North consultation meetings are:-North West, 15th April at Longford Park Stadium, North East 17th April at Gateshead International Stadium and Yorkshire & Humberside 27th April at the Holiday Inn Hotel (Just off Junction 40, M1). All meetings are 7:00 to 9:30pm, with doors opening at 6:30. To register your attendance at one of these meetings please email [email protected], and provide your name, your club (if applicable), your role within the sport and the venue that you wish to attend.

Pleas note the Yorkshire & Humberside Meeting is on 27th April not the 23rd as previously stated.