There are two meetings scheduled for the North: at Stretford on the 27th April 6.30pm for 7pm and in Durham on the 4th May 6.30pm for 7pm.

As you may well be aware, the three Areas, the North, the Midlands and the South have been in discussion with England Athletics, over the last 2 years, to try and get an agreement to ensure the Areas are sustainable financially. Currently the Areas are less than secure financially and their long term future is at risk. England Athletics accept that the Areas provide competition and athlete development which are essential to the sport of athletics.

Following the 2013 survey undertaken by Northern Athletics, we received a clear mandate that athletes in our sport would support a contribution to the Areas to ensure they continued to deliver the events and opportunities they have provided for the past few decades.

At the consultation meetings England Athletics will be asking for your views as to how that could or should happen and we urge Northern clubs to attend the sessions and make your views known.

We appreciate that there is some apathy at club level to these events and a view that the consultation events do not necessarily result in much action to remedy the issues raised. However we are assured that the views expressed will drive actions to be included in the England Athletics plan, submitted to Sport England, for the next 4 years.

Northern Athletics Board members will be in attendance at the meetings. Please register to attend one of the meetings, by emailing: [email protected] , giving your name, club and the event you wish to attend.

Your support in this matter is both important and much appreciated.