The Annual Open Meeting of Northern Athletics will be held on Saturday 11th  November 2017 at ‘The Longfords’, Longford Park Athletics Stadium, Ryebank Rd, Manchester M21 9TA, commencing at 11.00am.

The meeting will include an opportunity to discuss the funding of NA and the proposals around an affiliation fee for Northern clubs.

A buffet lunch will be served at 1.00pm followed by the North of England Track & Field League Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with the Northern Athletics Constitution you are advised that any items of business for the meeting must be notified to the NA office at the address given below at least twenty eight days prior to the meeting (Friday 13th October 2017).

Nominations for election to the Northern Athletics Executive Board for 2017/18 are invited from clubs of the former NoEAA area who are currently affiliated to England Athletics.  The Executive Board comprises the Chairman, Treasurer and President and two candidates to represent each discipline (Cross Country, Road Running, Track & Field).  Nominations must be notified to the office by Friday 13th October 2017. Please note that club representatives will not be allowed to vote if their 2017/18 club affiliation to England Athletics is unpaid.

Current post holders are:
President Roy Swinbank
Chairman Tony Wood
Treasurer Nigel Orr
Cross Country Steve Gaines, Arwel Williams
Road Running Bob Brimage, Ken Smith
Track & Field Malcolm Fletcher, Malcolm Rogers
NB: All members are eligible for re-nomination except the President which will be a new appointment made by the Executive Board. New nominations for seats on the Board are invited.

Yours sincerely

Judith Temperton
Administration  Manager