2018 has proved to be a defining year for the future of Northern Athletics with the implementation of our affiliation scheme which has guaranteed us financial stability and sustainability, and 2019 sees the launch of a new and exciting era for the development of athletics in the North.

We are extremely grateful to all our clubs for the support which they have shown us and appreciate the great opportunity Northern clubs and their athletes have provided us with to improve competition and development for clubs, athletes, officials and supporters and our intention is to continue to consult with all affiliated clubs on what their priorities are for the future of athletics in the North for the benefit of all the clubs which support us.

Several changes are already underway, which although they are not directly due to the affiliation scheme, will nonetheless improve our accessibility and communication with affiliated members.

At the end of December our current office lease is due to expire and therefore we have had to search for alternative premises. We have now agreed a new lease for an office in nearby Heckmondwike in a fairly new, small business park and we will be moving week commencing 17th December. The telephone number will remain the same 01924 457922 and as the office will be closed as normal over the Christmas period it gives us a good opportunity to establish ourselves in the new office prior to re-opening on Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

The new premises are a similar cost to that which we are paying in Dewsbury whilst also being an improvement in all areas, and although it was not our choice to move we are pleased that this is happening. Please feel free to drop in and see us at anytime and have a look around.

The address is Unit 9G Ponderosa Park, Smithies Lane, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire, WF16 0PR

Also in January we will be launching our new website which will be the source of all information with regard to Northern Athletics alongside the Facebook page and new Twitter and Instagram feeds. We hope that you will make full use of all of these resources.

In order for us to maintain good communication with clubs may I would be grateful if each club could supply me with a stable contact name, address and email details for the club to ensure that any communication is directed to the correct person. These will be maintained on a private, encrypted database and will not be made public without your consent. Links to your club website will be provided on our club listing on the NA website subject to your consent, if you have any objection to this then please let me know.

Finally once again please extend the thanks and appreciation of the Northern Athletics Executive Board to all your members for their support of our affiliation scheme, we will continue to work on your behalf for as long as we are here. We wish all of you a happy and peaceful festive season and a prosperous and fulfilling 2019.