The amended (U15 Shots) provisional running order (timetable) for the November Open meeting at EIS is now available below.
Provisional Nov Indoor running order 20.11.21(Amended)

Please read the following statement carefully
Due to the recent rise in Covid infections across the country, both Sheffield EIS and Northern Athletics request that masks are worn whenever athletes and spectators are moving around the facility. This is particularly important in areas such as Call Room and Registration where close interaction is necessary. Many of our officials are in the older age bracket and some have health issues, therefore we respectfully ask that you consider their safety at all times, as well as that of yourself and other athletes and visitors. In addition we ask that you sanitise hands regularly.
If you are asked to wear a mask by any official please do so immediately. We are working with EIS to ensure the safety of athletes, spectators and officials, and If we can provide a safe environment for all then the remainder of the Indoor season will be able to go ahead for the benefit of all of us. 

Thank you for your consideration and co-operation.