York – 2nd June 2022
Rules for Competition & Timetable

a) The competition will be for age groups U17 Men & Women and U15 Boys & Girls.
b) 2 athletes per county will be permitted in each event. In track events, heats will be merged and scored on times over the two heats. In field events, all athletes will have three attempts with the top 8 having a further three attempts.
c) Only one competition per gender will be held in High Jump and Pole Vault. Two athletes per county are eligible to compete and any age group combination may be used in this event.
Opening heights will be:- High Jump – 1.50m Male
1.25m Female
Pole Vault 1.80m Male and Female
d) The relays will consist of one team per county in each event.
U17 M&W 2 x 200m, 1 x 400m, 1 x 800m Medley
U15 B&G 4 x 100m
e) Please submit accurate team sheets AFTER the event. Initial results will contain county affiliations only. Athlete names will be added after the event and submitted to Power of Ten.

(May be subject to slight amendment dependent on numbers)

Track Field
11:30 100mHu U17M 11:00 Pole Vault Women
11:40 80mHu U15B 11:15 Javelin U15G
11:50 80mHu U17W Long Jump U17W
12:00 75mHu U15G 11.45 Shot U15B
12:10 3000m U17W 12:15 High Jump Men
12:30 200m U15G 12.45 Long Jump U15G
12:40 3000m U17M Javelin U15B
13:00 100m U17M 13:05 Shot U17M
13:10 100m U15B 14:15 Javelin U17W
13:20 100m U17W Long Jump U15B
13:30 100m U15G 14:25 Shot U15G
13.40 800m U17W 14.55 High Jump Women
13.50 800m U17M 15:00 Pole Vault Men
14:00 200m U15B 15.45 Javelin U17M
14:10 1500m U17M Long Jump U17M
14:25 1500m U17W Shot U17W
14.40 300m U17W
14.50 400m U17M
15:05 800m U15G
15:20 800m U15B
15.35 4x100m relay U15G
15.45 4x100m relay U15B
16:00 Medley relay U17W
16.20 Medley relay U17M

County numbers are as follows:Scoring: – 12,10,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Double points for relays.
The first athlete from each county will count for points.

Cheshire 1, 2 Cumbria 3, 4
Derbyshire 5, 6 Gtr Manchester 7, 8
Humberside 9, 10 Lancashire 11, 12
Lincolnshire 13, 14 Merseyside 15, 16
North East 17, 18 Yorkshire 19, 20