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Date(s) - 12/01/2019 - 13/01/2019
All Day

EIS Sheffield


We are only able to accept championship entries from athletes who are first claim members of clubs which have paid their affiliation to Northern Athletics for 2018/19

Online entries

Please be aware that Sheffield International Venues have now imposed a parking fee at the stadium. This charge is entirely beyond our control but parking staff at the venue will enforce the charge.

Please ensure that you arrive early enough to register at least 60 mins prior to your event, and declare every event in which you intend to compete. If you have equipment which needs to be weighed, please arrive at least one hour before your event to ensure enough time for this procedure.

Please declare for every event in which you intend to compete when collecting your numbers.

Registration will be situated along the bottom corridor, access is via the door on the left of the staircase in the EIS foyer.

May I remind all athletes that club, county, area or national vests must be worn.

If you wish to use starting blocks then only stadium blocks may be used. Electronic distance measuring systems (horizontal jumps) will be used.

We look forward to a successful and enjoyable day and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your entry and wish you good luck in your event.

If you are likely to be late registering for your event but still intend to compete please call Malcolm Fletcher on 07787522109.