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Date(s) - 21/10/2017
10:30 am - 4:00 pm

Meadowhead School, Sheffield (Graves Park)


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Competitor Notes:
Please note that the parking site at Meadowhead School will be closed at 5pm. Please ensure
that cars are moved before that time
These notes have been compiled to enable athletes, parents and team managers to understand event
organisation and roles to ensure that all goes well on the day.
Entries & Declarations
All entries are on line via the Sportsoft web site portal. Closing Date 14th October
Declarations can be made on line / via email links or by submitting the manual declaration form on the
Numbers and forms can be collected from registration, which is based in the pavilion near the start /
finish/ handover area.
The timetable the same as 2016, The U17 races still take place first. The main reason for this is to
enable U11 athletes to watch the handovers of the U17 events so they can understand how it works.
Many U11s have not done relays before, and may not have competed at all before, so the aim is to let
them see what should happen prior to their event.
Time Event Stages Distance
11.00am Under 17 Women 3 2300m
11.05 Under 17 Men 3 2300m
11.45 Under 11 Girls 3 1500m
11.50 Under11 Boys 3 1500m
12.15pm Under 13 Girls 3 1800m
12.20 Under 13 Boys 3 1800m
12.40 Under 15 Girls 3 2000m
12.45 Under 15 Boys 3 2000m
13.15 Junior/Senior Women 3 2 miles
14.15 Junior/Senior Men
‘The Cutlers Relay’
4 2 miles
This year the event is again using traditional time keeping and recording.
All runners are asked to clearly display numbers on the front of their club vests.
The difficulties with changeover, experienced prior to 2012, have been reduced and improved; with a
revised timetable, changeover layout and these notes explaining the handover process and
responsibilities being introduced. For 2017 we are retaining the staggered release & finish line
arrangement to improve visibility for the changeover officials.
An announcer will relay the team number of incoming runners as they approach the finish area, and
there will be a loudspeaker in the holding pens. Male and female runners will be held in separate
Outgoing runners are responsible as follows:-
All outgoing runners should report to the holding pen entrance when the PA announcer declares that
they are required to do so, OR when their previous leg runner starts.
Once in the holding pen, the outgoing runner is responsible to listen out for their team number to be
announced as the incoming runner approaches, and also to watch out for their incoming runner. Once
they hear the number announced or see the runner approaching, they should immediately make their
way to the holding pen exit, where the stewards will release the outgoing runner to the start line.
Another steward will then release the outgoing runner, when the incoming runner crosses the finish
Parents and coaches can help by ensuring that athletes listen for their team number to be announced
& watch out for their incoming runner. Please do not start shouting at or diverting the changeover
officials since this can confuse / divert the officials and disrupt the effectiveness of the changeover.
I hope you all enjoy the event, and good luck to all athletes and teams.
Steve Gaines
Northern Athletics