On a wet and cold November day an inter area match minus the South and Midlands was not dampened with a close fought competition which saw the North and Scotland share the spoils.
The results below reflect inter area positions, but all areas competed well, with Wales Dewi Griffiths taking 2nd in the Senior men’s race with Jonathan Taylor 6th, Nick Swinburn 7th and Andrew Davies 9th (North of England).

In the Senior ladies race Scotland were dominant with Steph Twell 3rd, Elle Baker (North) 4th, and Laura Muir 5th. Scotland again dominated in the team, but individual glory went to Joe Steward (North) 6th, just holding of Scotland’s Jonathan Glen, fingers crossed for both with selection pending.

In the Junior ladies race the North came out on top with Harriet Knowles-Jones in 2nd and Georgia Malir 6th, with Heidi Davies Wales in 7th.

Inter area results
Sen Men:
North of England 2,3,4,6 = 15
Scotland. 5,7,8,9 = 30
Wales. 1,9,11,12 = 33

Sen Women:
Scotland 1,3,5,6 = 15
North of England 2,4,7,9 = 22
Wales. 8,11, dnf team

Jun men:
1.Scotland. 2,3,6,7 = 18
2 North of England. 1,5,8,11 = 25
3. Wales. 4,9,10,11 = 35

Jun Women:
North of England. 1,2,7,9 = 19
Scotland. 4,6,10,11= 31
Wales. 3,5,8 dnf team

Report Rob Cameron
Photos Steve Gaines