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John Howard, The Greatest Long Jumper of the 19th Century

Robert Hawkey, The North-East’s forgotten Olympic triple-jumper

Leslie Pinder, the mystery all-rounder

Jack Potts, “The Gateshead Clipper”, the North-East’s neglected hero

Walter Rangeley, –one of the great Northern sprinters of byegone times

Frank Cross – Lancashire’s World-leading half-miler of the 1880s

Sandra Dyson The elegant Lancashire lass whose World record paved the way for Sally Gunnell

Harry Webster Harry Webster, champion race-walker of the 1870s. But was it “unfair going”?

A brief account of a forgotten World record.

History of the Liverpool Marathon

Douglas Lowe, Swing Lowe, but the greatest champion of all said “No!”. A literary mystery

Harold Wood, Wigan miner, World-ranked marathon runner

Walter Henderson stalwart of the high jump and hammer and a discus international at 43

Alice Woods: one of the first British women sprinters of renown

The North of England’s first national champions of the 19th Century

Martin Steele: Only 10 minutes to the start of the “Dream Mile”, but first there comes the man of Steele