Race Report

Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash Race Report (subject to confirmation from RaceAhead results)
A cold, wet and windy day did not perturbed two outstanding performances from England’s Jonny Mellor 1st Male in 29.12 and Scotland’s Eilish McColgan 1st lady in 32.52.
Jonny was closely followed by fellow England international  Adam Hickey in 29.15 and Midlands Graham Rush in 29.16.
14 men running sub 30mins in wet, cold and windy conditions is good going.
Eilish was followed home by England’s Katrina Wootton in 33.21 and Scotland’s Josephine Moultrie in 33.33
Men’s team:
1. England, 2. Midlands, 3. Wales, 4. North, 5. Armed Forces.
Women’s team:
1. England, 2. Scotland, 3. North, 4. Midlands, 5. Wales, 6.Armed Forces.
A big thank to all who competed today. Next year  we return to our normal date around penultimate weekend in Nov, with the English Championships again.
English 10k championships result:
1. Jonny Mellor
2. Adam Hickey
3. Graham Rush
1. Katrina Wootton
2. Jenny Spink
3. Rebecca Hilland
All results are preliminary at this point