We are deeply saddened to announce the death of former NoEAA Secretary, Road Running Chairman, 1st Claims guru and Northern Athletics Chairman Roger Lawton.

Roger is a legend amongst Northern officials and administrators, renowned for his dry humour, blunt comments and liking for a pint alongside extensive knowledge, love and experience of the sport!
His involvement in the sport also included a deep connection with the Fell Running fraternity and for many years Roger organised the iconic Burnsall Fell Races, a great day out which I for one remember well from my childhood.

Roger became NoEAA Secretary in 1997 just before the collapse of the BAF and was landed with the task of negotiating the new landscape when UK Athletics was formed. Never afraid to air his views Roger stood up strongly for the rights of Northern clubs, defying the common view (at the time) that the age of regional championships was over. When the NoEAA decided to modernise and reform as Northern athletics Roger was at the forefront of the plans and negotiations and he was rewarded with the NA Presidency in recognition of his service.

Never the tallest of men (many will remember the cry ‘Stand up Roger’) his detemination and will were never in doubt. Roger continued to question authority, speak up for clubs and maintain his trademark stroppy attitude right up until his untimely death and he will be greatly missed by us all .

Our thoughts and best wishes are with Anne, Robert, Joanna and their families.

Funeral details will be published here as soon as they are available.